Are you a passionate career artist or arts professional
forever committed to continued success? 
A complimentary and 100% confidential, 15-minute call to learn your goals, concerns, and challenges so that we can start talking about the solutions.
I know it wasn’t easy – paying your dues, getting an education, constantly honing your craft, endless rehearsing, and auditioning for anything, everything within your range. It’s because of your love for the craft that pushed you to a point where you could finally see your dream come alive. 

You did all that you could to get to that exciting place where you can say, I did it, here I am, and here I come!
And now you successfully work in your field as a powerful professional artist or arts professional.

Well, if I understand you correctly, I know you care about not only keeping your success but also soaring to new heights and achieving even more! 
And that brings me to my next question…
What are you doing to make sure your financial life is on cue for that same success now and in the awesome years ahead? 
I know the unique challenges and mistakes so many of us in the arts make – my career started as a musician, working in the music business – the last thing on my mind was my own personal financial planning – I made every mistake in the book and my thinking was completely misguided. And through the years I have met so many wonderful friends, close colleagues, and interesting acquaintances in the arts that have made those same blunders.

Conversely, there are others I have known who always thought wisely, made all the right choices, and took appropriate actions for their financial well-being. It always served them well, presenting more opportunities, and letting their creativity soar to new heights.  
"...the truth is, you always need adequate financial savings so that you can keep doing the creative work that you want to do." 
~ Kristin Chenoweth, Actress, Singer, Performer & IFWA Board Member
Our industry has been drastically underserved when it comes to financial education and planning solutions – and in a nutshell, that’s why we created The Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts – to make sure every artist and arts professional has access to valuable financial education and personal planning solutions. 
A complimentary and 100% confidential, 15-minute call to learn your goals, concerns, and challenges so that we can start talking about the solutions.
I know this sounds simple, but taking action is the most important component of financial planning. Now in order to take action you need to be thinking smart about money in your life and have access to the right information and resources to make it happen.  

Our core philosophy at IFWA is based on education, empowerment, and action. The key components of our work are to make sure you are thinking smart about money, having a basic understanding of the fundamentals of a sound financial plan, and then provide you with the right resources to take appropriate action for what you need.   

But don’t worry, our goal is not to make every artist a financial expert or to bore you with details you don't cared about or need to know – the goal is to simply be a guiding force to help you feel empowered to make smart choices and surround yourself with the right team. And believe me this goes for everyone – the charismatic young actor, the inspiring musician, the skillful dancer, the imaginative director, or the brilliant arts professional early on in their career to the award-winning stars of stage and screen and executive leaders of our major arts institutions – we all need to be in this mindset.  

Don’t just take it from me – hear what some of our alumni and your peers have to say:
- Casey Benjamin 
IFWA Alumni & Grammy Award Winner
- Harry Potter Cast
- Dionne Figgins
- Washington DC Dancers
As you just heard from those awesome testimonials – taking action and making smart choices about your financial life is empowering, energizing and even life changing. 
Our entire mission at IFWA is to help you feel empowered, educated and help you to make smart choices in order to reach your financial goals.  
We do our work in several ways – like our group education wellness in the workplace programs, or speaking to the cast of a show, or through online content, e newsletters, industry partnerships and media campaigns – but our most effective and popular way to help people is with our world class one-on-one coaching program. Actually, all those other avenues of education and awareness generally wind up with individuals seeking out our one-on-one coaching program, anyway.  

At the end of the day, each of us have our own unique set of financial circumstances, personal values, goals and dreams. There is no one-size fits all solution to financial planning.  

That’s why we knew effective one-on-one coaching was so critical– so you can truly address your unique situation and make smart choices.  
Look -we are aware of the roadblocks we often face as creatives to addressing our financial plans or finding the right financial coach…
  • For starters, most of us weren’t trained in finance and don’t have the knowledge to do it ourselves – or we figure ya know let’s just wait until there is that super big break and not plan along the way.
  • There is also the fact that the traditional financial services industry generally doesn’t have us on their radar or approach us or even understand our lifestyle and business – and that creates mistrust and difficulty in making a real connection.
  • And on top of that as creatives we sometimes give ourselves that stigma that if we are ‘thinking’ too much about our finances or money then we will somehow be less creative, or unable to focus on our careers.  
The good news is those roadblocks are essentially false beliefs. And it’s a large part of the reason we created the IFWA.  
We connect solely with people who work in the arts industry and this is our passion. We have deep empathy and knowledge about your career, your lifestyle, your income streams, your inner fears, and your personal challenges. When launching our coaching program, we hand-selected and vetted each IFWA coach to ensure they are held to the highest standards, have a profound understanding and empathy towards our lifestyle, careers, fluctuating incomes, and union pensions before serving our mission and community..

We expect our coaches to have a handle on financial planning and we believe that executing a successful financial plan is not a mystery – it is a process and it is more of an art than a science. It requires working with the right person, taking time, mapping things out, and sticking to it. 

Our IFWA coaches follow a traditional and proven planning process common among other trusted financial professionals
We have tons and tons of success stories and satisfied customers ranging from widely recognized career artists and arts professionals.

With that said, I would like for you to have our Director of Artist Relations. On this complimentary and 100% confidential, 15-minute call, we want to learn your goals, concerns, and challenges so that we can start talking about the solutions.

We’ve helped career artists and arts professionals create winning financial plans for a number of years so we know what your outcome will be, should you decide to work with us.

There is really no downside to having the assessment. Aside from being complimentary and 100% confidential if for any reason it doesn’t feel right there are absolutely no strings attached.  

This purpose of the call is to simply have a conversation about your unique needs, goals, and concerns and then, if it makes sense to align you with the right coach or resource partner. 
If you really want to gain confidence and clarity about your finances, create a sound financial plan, and properly secure your financial future
Then it definitely makes sense to start the conversation. 
I hope this really demystifies the process and helps you see how attainable and actually comfortable the planning process is. 

The first step towards meeting your financial coach is to have this brief complimentary and confidential call with our artist relations specialist – to assess your personal situation, goals and concerns. 

It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions too. We have helped so many people already and look forward to learning more about you and being a resource.
To schedule your assessment just click on the Button below and select a day/time that works for you.
As I mentioned before the call is 100% confidential, complimentary, and brief too.  Setting up a sound financial plan and securing your future will increase your confidence, so that you can focus on being awesome at your craft. If that sounds like something that will interest you, then click the link, fill out the form on the next page, and pick an available time slot to meet with a member of our team.

You’ve put in the time and energy honing your craft, birthing your career and creating a remarkable life for yourself in a career that you’ve dreamt about for a long time. Wouldn’t it only be fitting to do whatever it takes to secure your financial future?

One 15-minute call is a lot less time than you spend either learning lines, musical arrangements, choreography, or time auditioning, and it’s all the time you need to get started to protect the dream you’ve worked so hard to bring to life.
Schedule your assessment call with a member of our team today and make sure you financial life is on cue for a great performance. 
We have helped so many others and look forward to helping you too.  
Click on the button below and we’ll speak on the other side.
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